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The Challenge

Chair The Hope had given the Ad Grant a try. They hired a marketing company, invested time and money into it, and were told by those very same marketers that the Google Ad Grant simply wasn't for them.


They were left feeling as though this amazing resource could do nothing worthwhile for their organization. With only around 250 new site visitors in total from the marketing company's efforts, Chair The Hope gave up trying to figure out the Google Ad Grant.

Image by Romain Virtuel


We reactivated Chair The Hope's Ad Grant Account and began implementing some of our most effective strategies, specially tailored to their website content. These custom campaigns and advertisments led to a massive jump in new website visitors


They went from having 250 site visitors with the traditional marketing company, to landing 1,540 new site visitors in February 2022 alone.


Chair The Hope is now consistently attracting tons of new website visitors every day. 

New Website Visitors

Click Through Rate On Ads

New Impressions