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Does My Nonprofit Qualify For The Google Ad Grant?

In our experience, your chances are pretty good.

And if you don't, Go To Non-Profit Solutions can help you fix that.


The Google Ad Grant is unlike traditional grants. There is no grantwriting required and no finite number of applicants that can recieve the grant. Google is truly wanting to help nonprofits, so they're fairly liberal with who qualifies. But there are a few must-haves.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get a better idea of whether or not your organization qualifies for the Google Ad Grant:



1) Do You Have A Website?

The Google Ad Grant requires that grantee organizations have a high-quality website. This grant will be a means for thousands of people to see what you have to offer. So, a high-quality website, equipped with promotable content, easy navigation, and clear CTA's, is an absolute must.

If you don't have a website, or are concerned that your site may not pass the inspection, no worries! Go To Non-Profit Solutions offers high-quality website creation and development that ensures your organization's online presence will pass the Google Ad Grant criteria.

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2) Are you an official 501(c)(3) organization?

To be considered for the Google Ad Grant, you must have official 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

If you're a registered 501(c)(3) already, great! If not, we recommend taking the needed steps to get there. Then contact us when you're ready!

3) Are you a hospital, school, or government entity?

Unfortunately, hospitals, other health care organizations, acedemic institutions, schools, and universities do not qualify for the Google Ad Grant. 

However, charitable arms or foundations associated with hospitals and healthcare organizations are eligible for the grant! As well as philanthropic arms of educational institutions.


(Contact us today if you have any questions about this!)

So there you have it! Ask youself these questions, and you'll have a pretty good understanding of whether or not your organization qualifies for the Google Ad Grant.


Our team of Ad Grant Specialists at Go To Non-Profit Solutions are happy to answer any questions you have! We'll even handle the entire application and approval process for you. Save the headache and contact us today for a free consultation!