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For All
Fire Museums

For all firefighter museums and members of the Fire Museum Network. Enjoy 50% off of our services for life, as well as the first month completely free.


Expert management of your monthly $10,000 Google Ad Grant for only $250 a month.

We love working with our Fire Museum clients, and this is our gift to your museum for remembering the heroes that risk their lives for us every day.


From us to you, thank you

- Ezra Vaoifi, CEO

Our gift to You

Grant Application 
& Approval

We'll handle the entirety of the approval process for you.


Within 14 days, your museum will have up to $10,000 to spend on Google Ads. This $10K will renew every single month.

Increased Website Traffic & Museum Attendance

Using this monthly $10K, we'll target individuals most likely to be interested in visiting the museum. Whether they are down the street or across the country, we will use targeted ads to get in front of them at the exact time they are looking for something fun to do.

We can also advertise your venue space, website content, and anything else you'd like advertised!

Greater Awareness

You're museum will be on track to attract thousands of new potential visitors and supporters online.


This greater awareness and online presence from your target audience can help achieve the goals you have for the organization.

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Claim Discount & Free 30 Days

Congrats! You'll be contacted soon so we can get started!

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