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30 Days Free

If you'd like a free month of expert management of your Google Ad Grant, please take our quick survey!


(Note: Only an Executive Director of the museum or nonprofit can take the survey and qualify the organization for the free 30 days.)

Our Gift to You

Grant Application 
& Approval

We'll handle the entirety of the approval process for you. Within 14 days, you'll have up to $10,000 of Google Ads available for you to use every single month.

Increased Web Traffic

Using this monthly $10K, we'll target those individuals who are most likely to be interested in your organization's mission and website content, and we'll get them on the site.

Greater Awareness

You're organization will be on track to attract thousands of new potential visitors and supporters online. This greater awareness from your target audience will help achieve the goals you have for the organization.

Claim Free 30 Days

Congrats! You'll be contacted soon so we can get started!

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