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The Challenge

The Hall Of Flame Museum of Firefighting is one of the largest firefighter museums in the world!


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, The Hall Of Flame educates the public on the exciting history of firefighting. It is home to the National Firefighter Hall of Heroes, a Rescue 4 truck that was on the scene on 9/11, and the oldest firetruck in the world made in 1725.


The museum is over 60 years old, and was using outdated methods of marketing, with no online advertising apart from social media.


The Results

We secured the Google Ad Grant for the museum and began creating campaigns targeting the museum's potential visitors. New targeted ads were being clicked on by people ranging from just down the road, to anywhere in the U.S. If they were looking for something fun in Arizona, they were targeted to be shown our ads. 

Shortly after these initial campaigns were launched, website traffic skyrocketed and attendance at the museum increased by 42% compared to the previous year's numbers!


The Hall Of Flame is now bringing many new people to the website and through the doors every single day, with our management of their Google Ad Grant as a regular part of their marketing efforts.

42% Increase
In Museum Attendance 

New Website Visitors Monthly

Click Through Rate On Ads

New Impressions