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What Is The Google Ad Grant?

The Google Ad Grant is the single greatest marketing tool available to nonprofit organizations today. In short, it's up to $10,000 monthly of Google Ads for all nonprofits. For those who seek a more in depth look, let's explore the details of the Ad Grant as well as eligibility requirements and potential outcomes.

What Is IT?

“We’ve now been giving free Google Search ads for 16 years, directly in alignment with Google’s mission. We hope that we’re helping nonprofits amplify their vital work and grow with Google: by supporting nonprofits to raise awareness, get people involved, and fundraise.”

- Michelle Hurtado, Global Head of Google Ad Grants

Straight from the head of the program. The Google Ad Grant is free Google Search ads for all qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations. This program was started because Google wanted to broaden the reach of nonprofits. In Michelle Hurtado's own words, "We saw how effective ads on Google Search results pages were and so we started the Ad Grants program so that resource strapped nonprofits could have good access to share information on"

From the beginning, the Google Ad Grant was created so that nonprofit organizations - museums, zoos, churches, and other 501(c)(3)'s - could share their stories with more of their target audiences. It was created to help nonprofits spread the word, fundraise, and get people involved with good causes.

Targeted Ads

To be clear, the Ad Grant allows you to run targeted advertisments. That is why they are so effective and that is also one of the reasons why this grant is the best resources your nonprofit can have access to.

Targeted ads are not like billboards. Billboards are always there and seen by any and everyone that drives by, regardless of whether or not those people would ever be interested in what the billboard is advertising.

Google ads only are shown to people that search certain keywords or phrases. For example, you can set your ads to appear to people searching things like "adopt a dog near me." That is an incredibly niche target audience, yet with Google Ads, your organization will come up for people searching for things like that on Google.

Another great example is for museums. Museums can run ads for search terms like "fun things to do in [city name] tonight" or "date night ideas in [city name]". These ads are incredibly effective because they are getting in front of the right people at the exact right time. In other words, these ads are being shown to people interested in doing something fun in the exact moment they are looking up the words "something fun to do tonight."

That's the power of targeted Google Ads and your new Google Ad Grant account.

Who qualifies for the Ad Grant?

If your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) - and you are not a hostipal, church, or government entity - then the organization is eligible for the Ad Grant.

The only other qualification is that you must have a functioning, professional looking website to drive the advertisments to. Google still wants their users to have a great experience using their services, so if they are going to allow you to run $10,000 of free ads, your site needs to be both relevant and professional looking.

How Can The Grant Help?

If you had $10,000 for marketing handed to you right now, what would you put that money towards? What are your goals right now? Why do you need marketing in the first place? Are you trying to raise money? Does your museum or zoo need more visitors? Are you trying to find people who'll relate to your mission? The Google Ad Grant can help with all of these.

Some, of course, will be easier than others. Don't expect to solicit donations online and recieve a huge influx of random do-gooders who were just searching for a place to throw their money at. Donations are absolutely a potential benefit, but you have to go about it the right way. Asking someone to pull out a credit card and give you money on the first interaction is a lot like proposing on the first date. You use the Google Ad Grant to get people onto the website, but your website has to present your mission and make the close. (See our post about site readiness here.)

The Ad Grant can help bring more people to your museum, tell more people about an event, and spread the word about your organization in general. But all of these things are simply because the Google Ad Grant can help bring people to your website.

The Google Ad Grant itself is simply in-kind funding. It's literally like $10,000 of Google store credit every month. The real value here is the incredible amount of new traffic that your website will experience! If your site is ready for that traffic, you will do well. If not, then you probably won't see much of a difference at all.

Want to learn more?

Clearly we love talking about the grant and how it can benefit all types of nonprofit organizations. If you think the Google Ad Grant is something that could benefit your nonprofit, schedule a Q&A with us today! We'll find out together if you're ready for the grant, how it can benefit your nonprofit, and discuss next steps. We can even handle the application and approval process for you and get you all set up with your new Ad Grant Account.

Reach out today, and take advantage of the greatest marketing tool you have available to you. Your monthly $10,000 is waiting!

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