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Is My Website Ready For The Google Ad Grant?

If your website isn’t ready for the Ad Grant, you'll probably waste a lot of time. Save that time for your organization, and read on.

Lets review just a few tips to make sure your nonprofit's website is actually ready to use the Google Ad Grant to the best extent possible.

1)Promotable Content

By ”promotable content,” I don’t mean content that you can promote. That’s literally just any video, picture, or story.

Promotable content, in this sense, means content that people are actually looking up.

Is there content or resources on your website that would actually be so interesting to someone that it relates to what they are literally searching for on Google? Would your site be an answer to a question asked online? Are there resources or free tools that could be helpful to people? If so, that’s promotable content.

For example, if your site only has pages like the About Us, Meet The Team, Donate and Contact Us pages, then your site is not very promotable. You probably won’t benefit a ton from using the Google Ad Grant.

Why? Because no one is online searching for your donation page to throw money at you. They don’t know you or anything about what your organization stands for. Nobody is searching for things like "Meet The Staff of XYZ Nonprofit" either.

While those pages are helpful, they are certainly not going to help you maximize your monthly $10,000 of free Google Ads.

Sharpen The Content

So the best content is the stuff people are actively searching for! If you’re a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs learn skills they need, a blog entitled, “Top 5 Tips For New Entrepreneurs“ would be a home run.

You'd then run ads to that blog post and show up toward the top of the Google search pages when people search for things like “how to start my own business" which is a search that happens literally thousands of times every month. These people would be likely to engage with your site and exchange an email for a downloadable resource, etc.

This will require some extensive keyword research on your end. Good keyword research takes time, and can be very tedious, but it pays off in the end. (At Go To Non-Profit Solutions, your Grant Manager will handle all keyword research for you, of course.)

So tip #1, think like your target market and make sure your website content is both promotable (being searched for) and helpful to your target audience.

You may find it very helpful to take 5 minutes and ask yourself, What are my ideal donors or site visitors actually searching for? What are they interested in? Does our website help them in any way? How can the site be more relevant to what they’re searching for on Google everyday?

Do not skip this part! If your site isn’t promotable, you’ll waste time with the Ad Grant. Build that content and then move forward.

Feel free to contact us for help with identifying content opportunities. We work on Ad Grant accounts daily and specialize in helping organizations make their sites more promotable and ready for the Ad Grant.

2) Offers & CTA’s

I thought about making these separate points, but they go hand in hand.

A CTA is just a “call to action.” You see them everywhere. From Black Friday sales telling you to Buy One, Get One Free to invitations on websites like Donate Now! or Sign Up For Our Newsletter. Simply put, CTA's let the person reading know exactly what you want them to do.

Good CTA’s are best partnered with a good offer. Think of the last amazing offer you took a business or restaurant up on. They made you feel like the tradeoff was worth it, and they likely nudged you in the right direction with a subtle but tempting CTA.

In the case of your Google Ad Grant, if you have free resources on your site like guides or “How To” downloads, those offerings are perfectly paired with a CTA like Download Our [your resource] Today!

Ask yourself, What can I provide to my donors or website visitors? What is something that could benefit them right now?

As silly as it may feel, pull out a piece of paper and jot down as many potential offers for your website visitors that you can think of. Can you give them a free download? Can you offer them tips on how to do something better? Can you provide them with an insightful newsletter that adds value to them in some way? Is there a quiz you can create for them to assess something?

When people aren't taking action on your site, it's because the offer isn't good enough to move them in the direction you want. So brainstorm ideas for good offers with your team, and couple those offers with clear and strategically placed CTA's that let your website visitors know exactly what step to take next. (Our team of experts can help you discover good offerings along with the best CTA's to use!)


Content is the name of the game. But as Dan Pink said, Clarity on how to think without clarity on how to act can leave people unmoved.” Incredibly relevant content followed by an enticing of offer and CTA will increse your chances of getting people engaged on your website.


Have other questions about the Ad Grant? Leave them in the comments below so we can answer them and know what blog posts to make next!

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